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We help your businesses grow by providing the most accurate marketing lists available on the market. Our clients use our targeted lists to make cold calls and send out direct mail to sell all sorts of products and services. Whether you work for a large corporation, a one man (or woman) shop, or are somewhere in the middle, we can help you grow your business. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions or need some help. We can use our experience to help you get the most out of your marketing budget!

Targeted Marketing Lists

We provide targeted marketing lists for any industry.  Whether you’re an insurance agent looking for married homeowners to sell auto and homeowners insurance to, a vacuum cleaner salesman/sales woman looking for homeowners to offer your superior cleaning product to, looking for small businesses to discuss merchant services with, or any other type of a marketing professional, we can help!argete

Why are we so much less expensive than Sales Genie?

As Sale Genie is one of our largest competitors, you might be wondering why we are so much less expensive. The short answer is that we have a different business model.  We provide our leads at a tremendous value and let our reputation help feed our growth.  Sales Genie has helped a lot of folks grow their business and does a fantastic job advertising our industry, but we are a more affordable option.  One of the things we pride ourselves in isn’t just the price difference, but the quality.  In addition to being less expensive, we provide a 100% connect rate guarantee.  There are plenty of companies that offer inexpensive leads, but we’re the only one we know of that will replace 100% of disconnected phone numbers or bad addresses.

Our Marketing Lists Grow Your Business

Targeted Marketing Lists help you grow your business by being able to cold call, or target direct mail marketing to the type of customer who ordinarily already buys your product. Consumers who are like the ones you already have as customers are easily the best to look for new customers inside of. By getting a properly targeted list from a real specialist, you can reduce your marketing expenses.

How Are Your Contracts Different From Sales Genie?

One of the things that Sales Genie does on their pricing isn’t any different than what you’ll see at stores; if you buy in bulk, you save.  What Sales Genie will do is give you preferred pricing if you contact with them for a certain amount of records each month for a one year period.  By doing this they will be able to give you more competitive pricing than they would be able to otherwise.  We give you upfront pricing with no contracts.  Buying leads is and always will be a situation where you can get a better deal per lead if you buy in bulk, but you don’t have to sign a contract with us to get a great deal.