Mailing Lists

We can help your business grow by providing you with targeted mailing lists. The lists allow you to target specific audiences to make the most effective use of your marketing dollar. It takes money to make money, but if you are targeting your ideal prospects you can get more sales out of the same number of mail pieces.

Consumer Mailing Lists

We provide top quality mailing lists to help you reach new customers.  The United States Postal Service has released their “Every Door Direct Mail” program which lets many advertisers avoid needing to use a mailing list as well as provide a reduced postage rate.  Unfortunately, the EDDM program is just that, every door.  If you’re looking to send a direct mail piece to everyone in a given area that can be perfect, but if you need to target a specific group by home value, age, income, or any of a variety of other filters, you’ll still need to work with a list broker to get a list of your ideal prospects.  This can save you quite a bit of time and expense while still getting your message in front of your best audience.

If you’re thinking about a consumer mailing list then you should start by putting together what your ideal customers are.  Often times companies tend to focus more on their existing clients and what type of clientelle they already have instead of focusing on what their best prospects might be.  For example, a pizza shop near a college might predominantly have college students ordering their pizza simply because the students walk by it and it’s open until a late hour, but the pizza shop would probably want to also get clients from some different demographics to help balance out their traffic.  In this example, if most of the college students were ordering pizza between 7pm and 10pm, the pizza shop may want to order a list of married homeowners and do a postcard about having a family night special to help fill in their traffic earlier in the evening or even on a Saturday.

Another thing to consider about a mailing list is that in some ways you’re better off using different filters than you’d think.  Part of the reason for that is the result of the way the data is sourced.  At we aggregate our mailing lists from over 300 different sources which helps us maintain a database of the most accurate lists on the market.  One of the ways the information on filters such as income gets sourced is by survey data which relies on the self-reported responses.  It doesn’t take a list broker to know that sometimes folks are either less than truthful about their responses, the information changes, or that sometimes the information simply isn’t available.  For that reason, specifically with the income filter, we help folks consider other ways of getting at the same information using more consistent and reliable filters such as the estimated home value which is generally sourced from county tax records.  Another way to target the income level without specifically using the income filter is to target areas by geography because it’s been clearly established that often times their is a direct connection between an individuals income level and the neighborhood they live in.  It’s not an exact science, but it’s a way of getting your prospect list dialed down to giving you the best opportunity to get your message in front of qualified prospects.

Business Mailing Lists

Although a lot of focus is put on consumer mailing lists, marketers send millions of direct mail pieces to businesses.  By contrast with consumer lists, business lists tend to be simpler to target.  For example, one of the most common ways to search for businesses is by Standard Industry Classification (SIC) code.  These can be found here.  This can be especially helpful if you’re trying to reach an industry with a very specific need, for example, if you sell merchant services you’ll want to target retail locations within industries that you know use these services.  Another example of this would be if your company offered document support for law firms, you would be able to specifically target the law firms in your service area without needing to filter through all of the other businesses in the area.

The other most common filter on a business mailing list is employee size.  Most marketers want to target smaller businesses because they have an easier time getting to the decision maker and a shorter sales cycle.  Although there are a few break points, most marketers tend to focus on companies with less than 50 employees.

Another way to target your mailing list without removing any good prospects is to omit the franchises.  Most of the services marketers want to offer other businesses are already handled under larger accounts and so marketing to a franchise can be an exercise in futility.

NCOA Scrubbing

One of the hidden costs of direct mail is returned mail.  Most folks using bulk rate will never find out how many returned pieces they get, but it can be as high as 10% or more depending on the list you’re using.  At we back our lists with a 100% deliverability guarantee which means that we will replace 100% of the records that come back with a bad address.  To help cut down on that happening in the first place we scrub all mailing lists against the National Change of Address Registry which verifies the address with the post office itself.  We take it this extra step to help provide you with the best experience possible.

Control Geography

Generally businesses using direct mail are focused on specific service areas which may be as small as a city or as wide several states. With most direct mail marketing there are differences in the way people respond regionally. For example, using the exact same direct mail piece in one city a client pulled a 3% response rate on a direct mail campaign in one city, but less than an hour away they mailed it and pulled less than 1%. By controlling what areas you’re targeting you can determine which areas are the most effective for you. We can filter by zip code(s), radius around a zip code, city, state, county or even search by state/county and exclude specific zip codes or counties.

Reorder suppression

If you order a mailing list from us and come back to order more leads, we can always suppress your previous orders against the new one so that you’re not paying twice for the same leads. If you have a current customer/prospect list we can also suppress against that on any lead order.

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